Theology pt17 – God is All Powerful

We have discussed that God is sovereign and can do as He pleases, but is He capable of doing just anything?  I have heard preachers say that God cannot do anything that you don’t allow Him to do.  But I believe in an all powerful God that is capable of doing anything, period.  If you look in any concordance or do a search on any online Bible site for the word ‘almighty’ and you will see a ton of places where God is declared as almighty. 

Job 33:4 The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

The book of Job declares God as almighty over and over again.  As does the book of Psalms and the rest of the Bible.  My Bible program on my phone has the word ‘almighty’ being used 57 times in the Bible.  And that is just the word ‘almighty’.  I am sure if you looked up variations of it you will find a lot more.

But the proof is in the pudding as they say.  So what has God done that would show His power?  I would initially respond by saying, “You mean other than creating the entire universe just by saying the word?”  Let’s start in Genesis and work our way through the Bible and see just what He has done over the years. I won’t cover everything in the Bible for He has moved on the earth so many times, in so many ways that I would be hard pressed to name them all. But I will cover the biggies.

After creating the entire universe, then the next thing that happens is that man’s heart turns completely to evil, except for one man, Noah. (Genesis 6) So God decided to flood the entire world and spare only Noah and his family. (Genesis 7 & 8) Then not counting the times He helped Abraham and his servants defeat the armies of 5 kings in battle or how He moved in Joseph’s life to see that he would be able to save his family during a time of extreme famine and countless other things like that, the next big thing that I want to cover is when He brought the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt. (see the book of Exodus) He sent 10 plagues on Egypt to show His power and confound the Pharaoh and his magicians. Beginning in Exodus 7, God turned all the water in the land of Egypt to blood. Then in chapter 8 of Exodus, God sent a horde of frogs to get into everything all over Egypt. And they pestered the Egyptians so that Pharaoh begged Moses to ask God to remove the frogs. Then God sent swarms of flies to cover all the land of Egypt, except for Goshen where His people lived. And the flies covered everything so much so that the Bible says that the land was spoiled due to the flies. Once again Pharaoh begged for relief and once again he refused to let them go once the relief came.

So in chapter 9 God sent a disease that killed all the animals of the Egyptians but none of the animals of the Israelites. But still Pharaoh refused. So God had Moses throw ashes from a furnace into the air and all the Egyptians and their animals broke out in boils (kind of like a large open sore), but once again the Israelites were unaffected. And still Pharaoh refused. So God sent hail. But not just hail, but it was mingled with fire. And it destroyed all the crops and trees in Egypt, except for Goshen once again. Then since Pharaoh still refused to let them go, God sent locusts (we call them grasshoppers usually) to eat everything that was green in the land, except for Goshen again (chapter 10). Needless to say Pharaoh still refused. So God caused the sun to not shine at all on the land of Egypt for 3 days. Not just be cloudy, the land was in total darkness for 3 whole days. No one could see their hand in front of their face. But once again when there was relief, Pharaoh refused. So God had all the Israelites kill a lamb and put the blood on the top and sides of their door frames. And then God sent the angel of death to kill the first born of everyone without the blood on their doors. But He also told the Israelites to go get gold and silver and cloth from the Egyptians and moved on the hearts of the Egyptians to give them everything that they asked for. And they ended up with enough to be able to give over $5,000,000,000 worth of gold and silver to build the tabernacle with.

And don’t forget God parting the Red Sea. Not only did He part it but the Israelites crossed it on dry ground. Then when the Egyptian army tried to follow, they were all drowned when the waters closed again. (chapter 14 of Exodus) And in Joshua chapter 10, God caused the sun to stand still (basically caused the earth to stop rotating on it’s axis) so that Joshua and his army could eliminate an enemy. And we don’t want to forget how He destroyed the city of Jericho just by having the Israelites march around it for seven days and then shout on the seventh day. And the walls of the city fell down. (Joshua 6)

Time fails me to be able to tell of all of them. How He turned the earth back 10 degrees on it’s axis in 2 Kings 20 or how He helped Gideon and 300 men defeat the armies of the Midianites and Amalekites. (Judges 6 & 7) Or how Christ raised the dead, healed the sick and crippled while He walked the earth (see Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Or even for the matter how God caused a girl that was still a virgin to become pregnant and give birth to Christ. (Luke 1-2)

I could go on forever on all that God has done. But why not read the Bible and see for yourself how powerful God is. There is truly nothing that He can’t do. And He needs no ones permission. Especially check out His response to Job in Job 38-41. He is all powerful. Yet He loves us so much. Even though He doesn’t need us for anything, He loves us and desires our company. But that is for another time.

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